Hello Friend

Welcome to my little piece of the world wide web!

Allow me to introduce myself.

I am a homeschool-graduated Daughter of the King.  I grew up in Narnia, whilst studying under Henty, and currently live in Michigan, hoping that Gandolf brings me on an adventure through Middle Earth on my fiftieth birthday. 

I am a storysmith, an artist, a geek, and a little bit romantic. I’m an expert in the art of procrastination, a professional daydreamer, a master of sarcasm, a recovering perfectionist, and a major introvert.  I love taking lessons from God’s creation and incorporating it in my own art and writing.  When I am not involved in the previous activities, you can find me reading with chocolate and/or coffee, messing around with my siblings, or daydreaming about unicorns, dragons, and other such creatures.

This blog is a collective of thoughts on life, poems, and short stories that I have written for your enjoyment and for the glory of the King.

Soli Deo Gloria,

R. J. Catlin